Independent Funeral Celebrancy allows you the opportunity to arrange the funeral service you are planning in such a way that it fully reflects your loved one and their beliefs.

It is at this time that the personal wishes and choices of the person who has passed on matter most, followed by the wishes of those closest.

Those of us making arrangements for a funeral service may have a very clear understanding of what a loved one would have wished to have happen but all too often these matters have remained unspoken.  

This can happen for a great many reasons. Death can come suddenly. It can linger painfully.  You may have lived apart from an older family member for some time and feel distanced emotionally. You may have lost someone you love very dearly and be feeling utterly bereft. Feelings of loss and confusion create uncertainty and it is this time that you need to be able to call on support to help you work your way through the possibilities open to you so that whatever you choose within the service matches your wishes entirely. 

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant I can help.

 What would you like to include ?    

  • music - classical / folk / pop / rock ... the genre is your choice
  • hymns
  • songs
  • prayers
  • readings
  • poetry
  • a number of short testimonials
  • longer tributes

People have displayed photographs, pieces of art and craft, sports outfits and trophies, a BMX bike, a go-kart and related gear.

I have seen allotment produce, a meat pie and a glass of beer on top of the coffin instead of flowers.

I have seen a sheet cover for the coffin bearing the painted hand-prints of everyone who was close to the deceased.

I have held the space as family members have walked around an art-covered cardboard coffin and written their own personal messages before the final committal.

We are limited only by our imaginations.