The choices are yours to make. 

Planning your own Funeral Service is a deeply meaningful thing to do. It allows you to say your goodbye in the way you wish to say it. Whilst you may choose to take others into account you are not bound by anyone else's wishes.

Let me share with you two or three real happenings.

A Funeral Service I led recently had been fully prepared, well in advance, by the person who had passed on. He didn't want a specifically religious service because he didn't attend a place of worship during his adult life but he had strong and special memories of his younger days growing up in the Methodist Church and of singing stirring hymns with his friends. He wanted to evoke those memories for those attending his funeral and so chose a particular hymn that he had really appreciated. Also included were the Christian Lord's Prayer and a specific piece of music that he wished to have played.                                            

His family ensured, in sharing stories about his life, that the Tribute I was able to piece together with and for them fully reflected the man he had been and the life he had lived.

Another person is facing her own death having known for some time now that the cancer she has is incurable. The time she has left to her is limited. She has strong personal spiritual beliefs and is working through this very deeply affecting time with calmness and graciousness. She is finding great pleasure, and a lot of fun, in planning her own farewell. She wants people to enjoy it. She has planned everything down to the last detail and her service will most certainly be both memorable and a fitting tribute to the person she has been in this lifetime.

We do not have to be solemn !