Approaching locations for a service of farewell with an open mind.

 A service of farewell doesn't have to be tied by time or place to the actual committal for burial or cremation. The Act of Committal could be entirely separate if wished.

To illustrate the point, for example, if the person who has passed on was a keen fell-walker in the Lake District, a 'farewelling' might take place in the open-air by a lake-side or at a particularly loved place. It would be a gathering and could embrace as much creativity as the situation called for. The person who had passed on would be held in the hearts and minds of those present and their life celebrated in the way most appropriate to them and their wishes, or the wishes of those nearest and dearest. Clearly sensitivity to the number involved in the gathering and the public nature of this would be carefully considered.

So locations might include for example :

  • spaces in the open-air
  • club-houses
  • hotels
  • country houses

The final committal could precede this or follow at a burial-site in a cemetery, designated woodland or at a crematorium, with the practical arrangements for that being made privately or through a Funeral Director.

Within certain constraints, burial is entirely feasible on private land and individuals can make all the arrangements themselves if wished.

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant I would be privileged to assist in planning for this kind of approach and to lead any such gathering.

It is worth adding that such services of farewell could be recorded and/or filmed so as to provide an enduring record. Where family and friends live at a distance or even overseas and are unable to attend, such a recording would offer a sense of inclusion...

the message here, again, is that we are only ever limited by our own imaginations and, of course, the finances available to us in given circumstances.